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What is "Spining"?

Golf shafts are made by wrapping the steel or graphite into a tube shape and joining it with a seam that runs the length of the shaft. That seam is called the "spine" of the shaft and the location of that seam when the shaft is inserted into the club head affects the consistency of the flex rating.

The art of spining is the process of locating the spine on the shaft and positioning the spine in the club head to maximize distance and accuracy. The spine can be positioned to influence a draw or a fade ball flight.

To the touch and to the naked eye, the spine on a golf shaft cannot be detected, therefore special tools are required to find the spine.

golf gallery store toronto spining sale

SPINING per assembled club $25.00 reg. $35.00
SPINING per uninstalled shaft $10.00 reg. $15.00
(all you have to do is mention that you saw these prices on the website)

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